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edit, v.

Brit. /??d?t/
U.S. /??d?t/
Forms:? 16– edit, 18 edite. (Show Less)
Frequency (in current use):?
Origin: Of multiple origins. Partly (i) a borrowing from Latin. Partly (ii) formed within English, by back-formation. Etymons: Latin ēditus ?, ēdere ?; editor n.
Etymology: Partly (i) < classical Latin ēditus, past participle of ēdere to bring forth, to produce, to utter, to tell, relate, to declare, to publish (writings), to display, show < ē- ?e- prefix2 ? + dare ? to put, give (see datum n.),
and partly (ii) a back-formation < editor n.
Compare earlier edition n. ? and slightly later edition v.
Compare French éditer (1784).

?a. transitive. To prepare an edition of written work by (an author) for publication, by selecting and arranging the contents, adding commentary, etc.; to prepare (an edition of written work by one or more authors) in this manner; to prepare an edition of (such work) in this manner.

1699?? [implied in: S. Whately Answer Late Bk. written against Dr. Bentley 190?? The Editing of a spurious and contemptible Author. (at editing n. 1a)].
1704?? Step to Lobby 20?? As fit a Parson, on my Credit, As ever T——son could Edit.
?1770?? J. Fenn tr. Euclid Elements Geom. (title page)?? Euclid's elements of geometry... Edited by Joseph Fenn.
1810?? (title) ?? A vocabulary Persian, Arabic and English abridged from the quarto edition of Richardson's dictionary as edited by Charles Wilkins.
1893?? R. Le Gallienne Retrosp. Rev. (1896) II. 21?? A teetotaler, however admirable in other ways, is not the fit person to edit Burns.
1912?? Bookman Dec. 36/1?? Here..are the letters..edited by a man who has much in common with Lamb himself, and has edited his work with a scholarly accuracy..that makes his notes pleasantly informing.
2009?? Daily Tel. 22 July 27/5?? After his death, she took it upon herself to be the guardian of his flame, editing volumes of his poetry.

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?b. transitive. More generally: to prepare (a piece of writing, copy for a newspaper or magazine, etc.) for publication or use by correcting, condensing, or otherwise modifying it. Now also intransitive.copy-edit, script-edit: see the first elements.

1867?? Congregationalist (Boston, Mass.) 15 Mar. 44/4?? A very large force is necessary, or at least employed, in every New York newspaper office to edit the news.
1903?? E. L. Shuman Pract. Journalism 18?? Each of these departments has a force of copy-readers, whose duty it is to edit the matter written by the reporters.
1990?? Premiere July 12/1?? The center's film magazine published an ‘interview’ with me that was..edited to imply that Roger & Me was not accurate.
1993?? A. Fiderer Teaching Writing: Workshop Approach 51/1?? While looking at one or two pages of my edited draft, students brainstorm a list of things to look for when editing (capitals, punctuation, spelling, paragraphs).
2018?? Washington Post (Nexis) 13 May a23?? He worked behind a desk in Boston for three months, editing copy for an online news service.

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?c. transitive. To prepare (a film, audio recording, television or radio programme, etc.) by selecting and arranging its contents, cutting and splicing material, etc. Also intransitive. Cf. cut v. 21e.Cf. assemble-edit v.

1913?? [implied in: Standard 6 Nov. 4/6?? The smaller theatres on the company's premises are used for film editing. (at editing n. 2)].
1914?? Pop. Electr. & Mod. Mech. Nov. 507/1?? He [sc. the motion picture director]..edits the film already taken.
1970?? Films in Rev. Nov. 564/2?? It is at the moviola that the music editor determines how he will edit, where to splice, and what the timing sheets, click sheets and click tracts will contain.
1990?? Video Maker July 16/2?? Audiofile..allows us to expand, shorten, duplicate or otherwise edit the audio track without physically touching the tape.
2005?? Independent 25 July 28/3?? His childhood friend from New Jersey..landed the job of editing a trailer for the movie star's latest film.

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?d. transitive. To modify or alter (editable data, text, etc.) on a computer.

1958?? C. G. Gotlieb & J. N. P. Hume High-speed Data Processing ix. 187?? The need for inserting or deleting characters occurs most frequently in editing information for output or for transfer from one medium to another.
1979?? Software Pract. Feb. 121?? Building a screen editor as a front end to a line editor..permits one computer to edit another's files.
2013?? B. Green & S. Seshadri AngularJS i. 6?? Somewhere in the app we'll need to show the user's shopping cart and let him edit it.

1958—2013(Hide quotations)


?e. transitive. To make modifications or improvements to (a digital image or graphic) using a computer.

1971?? R. S. Ledley et al. in Proc. 9th Ann. IEEE Region III Convent. 369?? MACDAC can enable a computer operator to edit the pictures prior to their computer analysis.
1987?? Daily Mail 22 Sept. 22/2?? The new ‘Image Studio’ software allows artists to retouch and edit photographs on screen.
2005?? Digital Photographer No. 31. 34/2?? He integrates digital into his post-processing workflow by editing his images on his PC.

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?2. transitive. To publish, bring forth to the public (a book or written work). Obsolete. ?[Chiefly in past participle, after classical Latin ēditus (see main etymology section).]

1727?? Northern Heroine Introd. 2?? I am in hopes the Publication of the following Account of the last Czar's Extraction, and the late Czarina's Rise,..will be entertaining to an English Reader; what may possibly recommend it, is the Novelty of the Circumstances, and the Place mentioned where it was Edited.
1791?? W. Enfield Brucker's Hist. Philos. II. 367?? [Abelard] wrote many philosophical treatises which have never been edited.

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?3. transitive. To be or act as the editor in charge of (a newspaper, magazine, or similar publication, or of a particular section or aspect of this). Cf. editor n. 3a, 3b.See also art edit vb. at art n.1 Compounds 2.

1793?? Crit. Rev. July 359?? The chapter..furnishes a sufficient comment..on his ability to perform even the humble drudgery of editing a magazine.
1803?? R. Southey Let. 14 Feb. in J. W. Robberds Mem. W. Taylor (1843) I. 454?? Everybody knows that William Taylor edits the ‘Iris’.
1891?? Writer Oct. 227/2?? Mrs. Heaton has been editing the woman's page of the New York Recorder.
1956?? Times 29 Nov. 15/1?? Waldemar Bernhard Kaempffert..edited Popular Science Monthly for five years from 1915.
1986?? PC Mag. 28 Jan. 99/3?? Craig L. Stark is PC Magazine's technical editor. He edits the Power User column.
2000?? N.Y. Times 3 Apr. a6/2?? At the University of Toronto she edited the campus newspaper.

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?4. transitive. In extended use: to examine and modify (one's speech, thoughts, etc.), as if acting as an editor. Later also: to examine or assess (one's attributes or possessions) so as to select and remove what is unwanted or superfluous.

1904?? C. Everett Nano iii. 22?? ‘I am very sorry you have said that..,’ was her only comment. ‘I suppose I should edit my thoughts before passing them to any one,’ I replied.
1971?? G. Gould Let. 5 Jan. in Sel. Lett. (1992) 134?? Stokowski..thinks paragraphically, edits himself en route, and signals the end of each answer by giving an up-beat cue to his interviewer.
1997?? Times 2 Aug. (Mag. section) 34/1?? You have to edit your life constantly... It's about making sure that if you bring something new into the house you get rid of something else.
2013?? Gulf Times (Nexis) 17 Sept.?? Jack always said he ‘edited’ his team... He wanted to choose the top people around him.

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?5. transitive. Molecular Biology. To alter (a gene or other nucleotide sequence) by the insertion, deletion, or replacement of one or more nucleotides. Also (occasionally) intransitive: to carry out such alteration.

1969?? Univ. Chicago Mag. Mar. 32/2?? We can examine the DNA ribbon in the gene causing hemophilia. It may be possible to edit this ribbon—actually cut into the nucleotides and rearrange them in proper order.
1981?? New Scientist 14 May 421/1?? Nuclear transcripts are heavily ‘edited’ before they are allowed to move from the nucleus into the cytoplasm and engage with the cellular machinery from which proteins are produced.
1991?? S. F. Mason Chem. Evol. xii. 226?? These synonymous mutations are not edited out by natural selection and are expected to appear with the highest frequency in a set of comparable DNA or transcribed mRNA sequences.
2015?? N.Y. Times (Late ed.) 24 Apr. a3/1?? They fear..the birth of babies whose every cell has been altered by scientists... This could happen well before researchers know enough about the consequences of editing genes, before they know how to edit safely.

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Phrasal verbs

? With adverbs in specialized senses.? to edit in ?

? transitive. To insert (material) into a text, film, audio or video recording, etc., by editing.

1961?? Encounter May 49/2?? Her [sc. Ada Leverson's] frequent use of film scenario devices..‘editing in’ scenes and themes apparently unrelated to the one that, in realistic terms, she is just then evoking.
1977?? Daily Tel. 31 Dec. 9/1?? How much of the elaborate punctuation of Don Quixote was written by Cervantes, how much edited in later on, I do not know.
2019?? @butt_jungle 23 July in twitter.com (accessed 4 Sept. 2019) ?? I bet she just edited in a shot of a different hotdog at the end.

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? to edit out ?

? transitive. To remove (material) from a text, film, audio or video recording, etc., by editing; to remove or omit (something unwanted or superfluous).

1896?? Rocky Mountain News (Denver) 3 June 4/6?? The Boston Herald..as a rule is very careful to edit out anything that can be construed as unfavorable to the present ruinous gold policy.
1953?? Jet 26 Mar. 55?? His part..was edited out of the film.
1984?? Christian Sci. Monitor (Electronic ed.) 4 Dec. 51?? To make a ‘dub’ recording, you..edit out all the sound except the rhythm section. Then you remix this however you choose.
2003?? C. Goodman Seduction of Water (2004) 125?? My mother always paused when she told me this story. Was she editing out the memory of that horrible death?

1896—2003(Hide quotations)


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