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??manners-painting, adj.

Origin: Formed within English, by compounding. Etymons: manner n., painting adj.
Etymology: < the plural of manner n. (compare manner n. 4) + painting adj.

? Of a writer, a work of literature, etc.: concerned with or skilled in the depiction of contemporary manners, habits, etc.

1744?? J. Thomson Summer in Seasons (new ed.) 119?? Chaucer, whose native Manners-painting Verse [etc.].
1752?? A. Murphy Gray's Inn Jrnl. No. 20?? The Manners-painting Hand of Hogarth.
1786?? R. Burns Poems & Songs (1968) I. 112?? I taught thy manners-painting strains, The loves, the ways of simple swains.
1814?? A. M. Grant Eighteen Hundred & Thirteen ii. 91?? Thy own Maria's manners-painting page, That bids thy portrait every heart engage,..Shall rouse thy genius from its leaden sleep.
1838?? Tait's Edinb. Mag. Apr. 257/1?? This picturesque and manners-painting volume.

1744—1838(Hide quotations)


This entry has been updated (OED Third Edition, September 2000).